Our Vision

To be the world’s spectrum sharing technology leader

Our Company

SSC was founded in 2000 by two engineers with the goal of building and demonstrating the world’s first Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) radios. They succeeded in demonstrating the first DSA prototype radio system for the DARPA XG Program on August 16, 2006. The company grew from there and continues to be a technology innovator after more than 20 years.

SSC has grown to become a leader in spectrum sharing and has shaped much of the technologies and governance approaches to spectrum sharing. SSC’s leadership and staff are characterized by innovation and deep technical and operational insights in the fields of wireless communications, RF propagation, and spectrum sharing techniques. Our engineers are dynamic and prolific problem solvers who bring together technical depth and creativity to develop novel solutions. We developed more than 25 patents and have delivered unique capabilities to our customers.

SSC is sought out for its commitment to customers and partners. We have a culture of success that comes from the dedication and excellence of our engineers. We operate as a cross-functional team of software, systems, and RF engineers. Project teams are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges brought to us by our customers and partners. Our teams are led by noted experts in the fields of wireless communications and software systems development. We maintain flexibility to adapt our solutions to unexpected project needs and challenges, and work collaboratively with our customers and partners to engineer solutions for success.

Undisputed Leader in Spectrum Sharing Technologies
With over 20 years of experience and 100 successfully completed projects, SSC is a pioneer and a veteran of spectrum sharing industry

Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio
SSC has more than 25 patents to its credit which prove its excellence in spectrum sharing technologies and techniques

Highly talented and Experienced Team
80% of SSC’s engineers hold graduate degrees in related fields and 60% have over 10 years of relevant experience

Award Winning Culture
SSC has received numerous awards for its ground breaking work and innovation in the wireless communications industry

Our Awards

SSC has been recognized by numerous business and professional organizations for their excellence in engineering and business:


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SSC employs the industry’s most experienced and qualified professionals ready to take up the challenges of the changing world around us. Given the wide range of solutions and technologies offered by SSC, we are confident our team can meet your requirements and solve your problems.