SSC creates technology that makes a difference. We use our expertise and know-how to meet customers’ critical needs. We know how to tackle complex spectrum sharing problems and develop effective solutions that increase communications system performance, enable rapid wireless network deployments, and generate greater mission impact.

Assured & Robust Communications

SSC is the leader in technologies that increase wireless communications performance in harsh RF environments. We integrate our proven DSA software with host military and commercial 5G platforms and waveforms to increase link availability, throughput, and communications range in congested and contested operations.

Spectrum Reallocation & Sharing


SSC provides world-class expertise in analyzing and developing spectrum sharing solutions. We apply unique insights and years of experience with RF surveys, detailed simulations, in-depth analysis, and system design and prototyping to develop effective spectrum sharing solutions for Government and commercial 5G spectrum sharing.

Disaster & Emergency Response

SSC’s DSA software enables rapid communications deployment for disaster relief and emergency response operations.

Spectrum Sensing & Situational Awareness

SSC is a proven innovator for spectrum sensing and situational awareness technologies. We apply advanced algorithms, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and distributed system concepts to develop cutting-edge approaches to extract information from spectrum operations and enable autonomous mosaic and swarm operations.

Technology Development & Innovation

SSC is a leader in advancing RF system technologies to meet new challenges in spectrum access and sharing.


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SSC employs the industry’s most experienced and qualified professionals ready to take up the challenges of the changing world around us. Given the wide range of solutions and technologies offered by SSC, we are confident our team can meet your requirements and solve your problems.