Innovations drive our Research and Development capabilities. SSC’s engineers combine creativity with technical expertise to develop groundbreaking solutions to some of the hardest spectrum sharing problems.

Simulation and Analysis


SSC develops and uses a wide range of simulation and analysis tools for spectrum analysis, DSA and wireless network performance evaluation, and development of advanced signal processing algorithms. SSC’s unique capabilities include a Virtual Node Environment, which enables us to evaluate real-time DSA radio code performance in large-scale scenarios. We also developed simulation models that generate and evaluate spectrum sharing rules across numerous environments characterized by complex terrain, clutter, and atmospheric anomalous propagation conditions. SSC can also evaluate DSA network performance in specific operational scenarios to demonstrate and evaluate mission performance improvements resulting from improved spectrum access and communications system performance associated with DSA.

Lab and Field Testing


SSC’s test and evaluation experience spans from engineering component testing to operational field testing. Our state of the art lab facilities provide engineers with the tools needed for system prototyping and evaluation. We have field tested system prototypes across a range of environments and locations including DoD test ranges (e.g., Yuma Proving Grounds, Ft. AP Hill, Ft. Dix, and Ft. Irwin) and across the US in various urban, suburban, and rural locations.

Spectrum Sensing


SSC is a recognized leader in spectrum measurements and RF analyses. We conducted numerous spectrum measurements and analyses that laid the foundation for early government investments in DSA research and development. We use spectrum measurements in conjunction with RF propagation models to establish statistical characterizations of phenomena such as clutter and anomalous propagation that impact spectrum sharing. We also conduct spectrum analyses to characterize, identify, and geo-locate interference sources. Our spectrum sensing supports the development of spectrum situational awareness and exploitation (e.g., spectrum maneuver) capabilities.

Spectrum and Wireless System Research and Development

SSC has a long history of innovative spectrum and wireless system R&D. Our engineers are noted innovators in a wide range of wireless communications disciplines: Signal processing; RF system prototyping;  5G DSA;  MANET/MESH networks;  Beamforming;  Spectrum sharing algorithms;  AI/ML for spectrum;  Distributed sensing;  RF SoC.


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