Company Overview

Shared Spectrum Company (SSC) was founded in 2000 to develop technology that dramatically increases the efficient use of RF spectrum resources. During that same year, SSC became the first company to file comments at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposing the shared use of “white spaces” in the television band for broadband Internet access. Over the past 10 years, SSC has become a leading expert and innovator in the development of cognitive radio technologies. SSC pioneered the research and development of dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technology for the U.S. Department of Defense. The company is expanding into the commercial sector with the development of DSA solutions for a wide array of applications.

SSC’s executive team and technical staff have extensive experience, having worked on a diverse collection of defense, commercial, public safety and regulatory wireless projects.  The company’s scientists, engineers and other technical professionals possess the core competencies needed to design and analyze advanced wireless communications systems, implement concepts in software and hardware, and test these solutions in the field. SSC uses state-of-the-art equipment for rapid prototyping and precision field testing of products and services. The company’s engineers also build their own tools when the latest off-the-shelf technologies are not good enough.

SSC’s customers include numerous U.S. government agencies and private sector companies