February 24, 2011

Cognitive Radio Access for Public Safety Communications Systems


Abstract –┬áMulti-band, reconfigurable cognitive radio (CR) technology has been identified as offering key solutions to Public Safety spectrum access problems. However, CR technology invokes concerns about the ability to securely control devices with Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) capabilities potentially operating autonomously across multiple frequency bands. To alleviate these concerns, an end-to-end, Cognitive Radio Access Management (CRAM) subsystem is presented that focuses on secure, flexible and user-friendly policy-based control mechanisms. On one end of the subsystem, policy conformance enforcement is embedded at the edge of the CR network onto CR devices by leveraging device-understandable, XML-based rules and constraints. On the other end, user-friendly policy authoring and administration tools are available to a wide range of Public Safety stakeholders to create, disseminate, and validate policies before, during and after they are loaded and run on CR devices. Throughout the subsystem, multiple layers of reliable security measures are employed to further ensure trust that the policies are valid and work properly.

Posted by theresa