June 16, 2009

Dr. Mark McHenry speaks on TV Whitespace technology at the SDR Forum Working meeting, Detroit MI

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The SDR Forum held a working meeting from June 15th to 17th at the Dearborn Hyatt, in Dearborn, Michigan. This meeting represented the 63rd General Meeting of the Forum and comprised working sessions advancing the SDR Forum’s 2009 operations plan in support of the commercial, public safety, satellite communications, and international tactical radio communities. Groups tentatively scheduled to meet in Dearborn included:

* International Tactical Radio Special Interest Group
* Public Safety Special Interest Group
* Satellite Communications Special Interest Group
* Regulatory Committee
* Cognitive Radio Work Group
* Commercial Baseband Processing Technologies Work Group
* Meta-language for Mobility Work Group
* RF Technologies Task Group
* SCA Work Group
* Security Work Group
* Smart Antenna Work Group
* Test and Measurement Task Group
* Transceiver System Interface Task Group

Highlights of this meeting included the following:

* Tom Rittenbach of CECOM CERDEC provided a briefing of the Government Reference Architecture (GRA) reference architecture for government SATCOM systems.
* A workshop on “Spectrum Sharing of TV Band Devices” to be held June 16th . This workshop explored the common standards and/or practices for spectrum sharing are needed across otherwise incompatible TVBD communications networks. Additional information on this workshop can be found here. An Agenda for this workshop can be found here. Highlights of the workshop included a keynote from Paul Kolodzy of Kolodzy Consulting and presentations from representatives of:
o CogNeA
o Cognitive Radio Technologies
o Communications Research Center in Canada
o Motorola
o Shared Spectrum Company
o Shure
o Trinity College
* A plenary presentation was given by Rohde & Schwarz on June 17th entitled “”Smart-RF” Compensation of Imperfect Analogue RF-Frontend Characteristics by Digital Means in a SDR” – Abstract
* A workshop on “Smart Communications in Transportation Systems” held on June 18th – after the SDR Forum Working Meeting. This workshop allowed vehicle manufacturers and government officials world-wide to come together with leading experts in reconfigurable radio technolo­gies to realize the technical and business advantages offered by SDR and CR technologies in modern transportation systems. Additional information on this workshop can be found here. An Agenda for this workshop can be found here.
Highlights of this workshop included keynote presentations from Michael Noblett, VP of Business Development, Global Automotive Initiatives, Connexis and Chair of the ISO Technical Committee 204 on Intelligent Transportation Systems and from Marco D’Ambrosio of Selex Communications. Participants in the workshop include representatives of:
o Connexus
o Cognitive Radio Technologies
o General Motors
o Noblis
o OnStar
o Selex Communications
o Toyota
o Virginia Tech

The Meeting Agenda is available. A summary of active projects can be found here.

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