October 1, 2007

MRT Magazine: The Future is Now… Almost

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MRT Magazine, Oct. 1, 2007

By Donny Jackson

For more than a decade, wireless academicians and the industry’s research community have expressed optimism about the potential benefits of cognitive radios that are “smart” enough to automatically find and utilize fallow spectrum — and relocate to other frequencies at a moment’s notice when the incumbent licensee decides to use it.

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About Shared Spectrum Company
Based outside Washington, DC, in Vienna, VA, SSC is the leading developer of spectrum-sensing cognitive radio technologies that ensure optimum use of radio frequencies, maximize efficiency, and enable profitable spectrum leasing. It has introduced a range of dynamic spectrum access technology solutions that allow devices to automatically seek out and use the optimum frequencies and bandwidth while avoiding interference to or from legacy users. The Company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Mark A. McHenry to develop radio frequency technologies that would allow better use of available spectrum. Additional information is available at SSC’s web site, http://www.sharedspectrum.com.

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