September 17, 2007


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VIENNA, VA, September 18, 2007 – Shared Spectrum Company (SSC) will introduce a range of dynamic spectrum access technology solutions that ensure optimum use of radio frequencies, maximize efficiency, and enable profitable spectrum leasing.

SSC will be exhibiting its new products and demonstrating their capabilities in booth 343 at the 2007 WiMAX World USA Conference & Expo (, which is being held September 25 to 27 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Developed and tested using IEEE 802.16-based chipsets for use in complex and interference-prone military radiofrequency environments, SSC’s Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technology senses and measures, in real-time, which portions of the spectrum are being utilized and which channels are available. DSA-enabled multi-band WiMAX devices can dynamically access unused spectrum bands while avoiding interference to or from other users. In this way, SSC’s innovative cognitive radio devices and software give users and their applications ample bandwidth, greater communications assurance and more effective access to scarce and valuable spectrum.

“Demand for radio spectrum use is increasing quickly as broadband and video applications swell and wireless markets become more diverse,” said Mark McHenry, Founder and CEO of SSC. “Our technology enables efficient and economical access to a finite supply of spectrum for users, and it also allows spectrum owners to monetize their assets by leasing idle spectrum capacity to others. WiMAX World USA will be the largest event for the wireless and mobile broadband industry and is the perfect venue to debut our innovative products.”

SSC’s technology enables users to quickly harvest prime spectrum in bands below 3 GHz, which significantly mitigates non-line-of-site and propagation loss problems (foliage and building penetration) that hinder signals in higher frequency bands. By automatically selecting the right frequencies and transmission power and relying on smart routing in the radio network, the system penetrates any environment and provides extended range by forwarding data through networked radios. As a result, fewer fixed base stations are needed, facilitating the provision of broadband internet access to rural areas, for example. In addition to saving infrastructure costs, DSA technology eliminates the need for significant investment in exclusive spectrum licenses from government auctions or the secondary market. It also provides incumbent licensees new potential revenue streams from spectrum leasing with minimal transaction costs, trusted security and no interference.

SSC has been awarded several Federal government research and development contracts to make the dream of cognitive radio become reality. At the WiMAX World USA Conference & Expo, attendees will be provided the first opportunity to experience this unique technology.

About Shared Spectrum Company:

Based just outside Washington, DC, in Vienna, VA, SSC is the leading developer of spectrum-sensing cognitive radio technology that allows devices to dynamically and automatically seek out and use the optimum frequencies and bandwidth. The Company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Mark A. McHenry to develop radio frequency technologies that would allow better use of available spectrum. SSC has been awarded over $25 million in R&D contracts and is currently the prime contractor for the neXt Generation (XG) radio program funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense. Additional information is available at SSC’s web site,

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